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Fair Trade Stones

Evening Rose Ring

We are so excited to now be offering Fair Trade stones in many of the TALON pieces. We have partnered with Columbia Gem House (CGH), a family run business that follows principles of environmental protections, mine restoration, safe working conditions, fair compensation and more.

These special stones truly make our symbolic jewelry even more meaningful!

Read below for more information about the origin of these stones and how they are mined and cut.

Tier 1 Fair Trade Australian Sapphires

Tier 1 stones can be traced to a specific mine, where Columbia Gem House either mines themselves or they have a formal agreement with the producer, in which all Fair Trade Gems requirements for workers and environment have been met. CGH visits the mine regularly, legally export and cut these gems themselves.



Tier 2 Fair Trade Anthill Garnets (mined by ants!)

Tier 2 stones can be traced to a specific rough broker or miner who guarantees it comes from a known region in the country of origin. The supplier understands and supports CGH Principals and Protocols and has conveyed them to the miners and assures CGH the rough meets those standards. CGH legally export and cut these gems themselves.

Double Rose Band

Tier 2 Fair Trade Grape Garnets (see above Tier 2 definition)

This rare purple-red garnet is only mined in the state of Orissa on the Bay of Bengal in eastern India. Mining in the alluvial deposit is done by hand using small tools like picks and shovels.


Tier 3 Fair Trade Imperial Diopside

This rare diopside is mined in the frozen lands of Northeastern Siberia. mining is done almost entirely by hand using picks and shovels.

Tier 3 stones can be traced back to the legal documented export of the rough from the country of origin. CGH works with the broker/miner to continually improve traceability. CGH cuts these stones themselves.

Tier 3 Fair Trade Rhodolite Garnet (see above tier 3 definition)